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Tsanguangliao Trail in ShuangxiTsanguangliao Trail in Shuangxi

Martin Scorsese's

Oscar-winning director, Martin Scorsese, shot 90% or more of his 2016 historical period drama, "Silence," in Taiwan. Besides Taipei, Taichung, and Hualien, New Taipei City also impressed the director with its numerous natural wonders. New Taipei City provided eight locations in the final version of the film. They were Gengziping in Wanli, Dahua Pothole Stones in Pingxi, Taoyuan Valley in Gongliao, Tsanguangliao Trail in Shuangxi, Teapot Mountain in Ruifang, Mysterious Coast in Jinshan, and Xinzhuangzi Beach and Fanshehou Beach in Sanzhi.


This Hollywood production offered New Taipei City a chance to advertise its beautiful landscapes to all of the world. Producer David Lee also commented, "There is something spiritual and poetic about New Taipei City that enriches the aesthetics and composition of the movie and brings out the dimension and texture of the images."


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